Diary of an isolating teacher Day 15

Hi everyone,

Today has been a strange one, I feel like groundhog day but it’s never ending. While I have been staying at home since schools closed on March 12th it is beginning to take it’s toll a little. As we face another bank holiday weekend and people becoming more complacent, as hard as it is we need to follow the restrictions and just stay at home. Does anyone else feel the same?

I have decided to take some inspiration from Irish Primary Teacher and focus on real life Maths with my class. Last week we focused on Weight and I set them a baking challenge to record the weights of ingredients in decimals but also to work out how much the recipe cost them. I did recommend they use a calculator to work this out.

This week I am focusing on Data with my class, they thoroughly enjoyed the topic earlier in the year and I wanted to encourage them to use real data and create their own graphs based on their researched data. For one class I took inspiration from the PDST Manuals for Data and I have asked them to research their favourite soccer stars and how much they earn. They then must create a bar chart to represent this information. To challenge them further I have asked them to research how much they earned in their previous club and create a multiple bar chart to reflect this.

For the older class I have asked them to check Met Eireann for average rainfall or temperature and create a trend graph to represent this information. I have also challenged them by asking them to create a trend graph based on two car sales manufacturers over a few years. They were to represent two or more manufacturers on the same trend graph. I sent them links to CSO to help them with this one. I am hoping they enjoy this Maths challenge too.

For project work this week I have taken inspiration from A Crucial Week and set them a project on a country of their choice. Rather than a rubric I asked them to work from a choice board. There were three different columns and they had to choose one item from each column. There were a mixture of creative suggestions, informative activities or using their tech skills to create their own content. I am looking forward to seeing the projects on Friday.

It’s been a strange day today, Monday feels but groundhog Monday feels which is worse. Tomorrow is another day I suppose.

Stay Safe

Aistear Muinteoir


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