Parents and Distance Learning Day 8

Hi everyone,

It’s Active School Week this week and due to the ongoing situation they are not calling it Active Home Week. Here are some ideas and links to get your whole family involved.

Frisbee Soccer and Frisbee Golf 

A simply frisbee disc could provide lots of fun if you incorporate frisbee soccer or frisbee golf. In Frisbee Soccer players pass the frisbee up and down the garden to score by passing it into designated goal area. Frisbee Golf is where you create obstacles and work individually or with a partner to try get the frisbee into each obstacle or hole. Watch this video for Frisbee Golf 

Outdoor Chalk and Sensory Paths 

Outdoor Chalk can provide endless fun, create your own tic tac toe game or why not make a circuit outside for others to use too. Jumping from one circle to another, frog jumps and trace around your hands and feet to show others where to start, create your own hopscoth game outside the possibilities are endless. I know Playful Classroom added a wonderful video of her Chalk creations. Outdoor Chalk is in short supply at the moment but if you know where to get it please share to my page.

Fundamental Movement Skills 

I had been working through the Fundamental Movement Skills with my class before schools closed and it was working well, I showed them the videos for particular skills and they could identify the key points themselves and even for peer assessment. Now PDST have developed Beyond the Classroom with home activities for children based on the individual fundamental movement skills.

Skills and Challenges 

Lots of different sporting groups have created their own home challenges for children depending on their interest area. Cumann na mBunscol, Basketball Ireland, and SFAI  all have a mix  if individual challenges to test your skills in their sport.  You can also follow Gymnastics Ireland who have club takeovers with workouts to follow at home.

Fyffes Workout were visiting schools to host PE session but they are now offering live workouts daily on their instagram and website. These workouts are inclusive and can be done outdoors too. They focus on key skills also.

These are only some suggestions for the vast range of Active workouts, skills and challenges that are available from clubs online.

More information on Active Home Week can be found on the Active Schools website. 

Time to enjoy Active School Week in the sunshine while we can.

Stay Safe everyone,

Aistear Muinteoir


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