Diary of an Isolating Teacher Day 17

Hi everyone,

The change in the weather is sure to have an impact on everyone this week. What should be the first Summer bank holiday is looking like it could be wet and wild. Maybe it will work in our favour as people will stay indoors at home.

As I mentioned in previous posts and Instagram, this week has been particularly difficult. Wanting my own normality back, and it seems like i’m not on my own. In yesterday’s post I said that Tomorrow is another day, and it is. While the weather may have changed for the worse, I feel that I am coming out of the low mood in some way.

I have had the Anokha Learning Scared Kids course (gifted) on my to do list for ages. Given the content of the course I wanted to make sure I had enough time to give it my full attention. So I restarted Module 1 again last night. And it was the perfect time, it went through anxieties and behaviours from babies to teenagers, and I could apply this information to children in my own class. Then it explained the CBT model and this is what I found most interesting, I could relate to it completely, how my environment has changed and the effect it has on feelings, thoughts, behaviours and our physical self. It was the reassurance I needed that this situation is only for a short time, but that self care can help to alleviate the anxiety.

So today, I took advantage of the self care option, getting out for a walk while the weather was still ok. Still laughing to the podcast from ICT with Mr P it is definitely worth a listen just for some teacher laughs, I took time off the laptop in the middle of the day and it was worth it. I also managed to do two more modules of the Scared Kids course. The second module was on Understanding the Brain and the Upstairs Downstairs brain. This was also really interesting about how both parts of the brain need to communciate to each other to alleviate anxieties. The third module was on Physical Symptoms of Anxiety and that is something I deal with everyday in the classroom, often without realising the full nature of the behaviours.

The Scared Kids Course is an option for the Summer Courses from Anokha Learning so it is worth checking out. Given the way my week started this has really helped me too. I will update you all as I get through the course.

Stay Safe Everyone, tomorrow is another day.

Aistear Muinteoir


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