Parents and Distance Learning Day 9

Hi everyone,

For parents this time could be becoming a struggle in some houses, especially as the news was confirmed last week that school buildings will not reopen until September. There are so many events that pupils will miss school tours and sports days, confirmation, communions and the one I will miss the most is Graduation for my 6th Class.

I am researching and looking for new ideas to celebrate graduation with my 6th so that we can celebrate in some way with them.

This week may be tough as children realise that distance learning has to continue and some may become negative because they won’t be back in the school building before June. But as long as these restrictions last the routines of school work will help with the routine of the day. Setting time for some school work but don’t forget the creative side of lessons, active in the garden or within the 5km limit from tomorrow, or even the life skills and social skills of baking etc. Don’t underestimate these activities as not learning there is so much to learn from them.

As the weather gets better, maybe now is the time to observe the world of nature, getting out for walks and looking for new flowers, buds on trees, baby animals if you life in the countryside. A brilliant website for parents and children is Explore with Nature and it has lots of suggested activities to explore nature with your children. There is such a change in the world around us because there is less cars etc on the road. Why not create a Spring Summer scrapbook, get your children to work together on one or even digitally to record these changes in the world around us.

While the world has changed and it has come to a stop for some people,  nature will continue to change and now we have to time to really observe and appreciate it.

Stay Safe

Aistear Muinteoir



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