Diary of an Isolating Teacher Day 22

Hi everyone,

Sunday afternoon spent planning for the week ahead. I find it so hard to believe we are heading into the middle of May and it has been over 2 months since we were in the school building.

I had my first video call on Teams last week, and I was delighted to see all my class again. All of my 6th class joined the call even though it was a general chat and trial run for more Microsoft Team calls this week. I, myself found it a little overwhelming as it reminded me that I won’t be back in school with them again and this is how we will finish out their primary education. I was glad that I had the 5th class Teams call first and then 6th class after.

This week we have planned a themed Family Challenges week and our focus is on Mindfulness and Well-being. I have created a Padlet for parents with lots of different options such as visualisations, colouring sheets to download, yoga videos etc. I am trying to avoid lots of screen time for this one so it includes downloadable options for parents.

I have also got the Doodle a Day from the amazing Good Morning Ms Foster and I will send one out each day to the class. It is such an amazing resource and shows children the benefits of doodling and mindful colouring for their own well-being.

I am also in the process of marking the end of year for my 6th class and what an end of term it will be for the Class of 2020. In previous years I have made their yearbook and also a slideshow of images from their time in Primary School so it’s time to start the whole process again. I always start in May as the end of year madness and report cards follows soon after. What will you do to mark the end of year for your 6th class?

Time to send out my usual Sunday emails to prepare for another week now!

Stay Safe everyone

Aistear Muinteoir.


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