Diary of an Isolating Teacher Day 23

Hi everyone,

Sorry for lack of posts over the week but I was so busy with end of year for 6th class and on top of that I also had a minor injury, who knew garden furniture could cause injury so easily.

Anyway, back to blogging. This week I completed three different webinars for the end of the year. The first Webinar was with Declan and hosted by West Cork Education Centre. His webinar was using Book Creator to create yearbooks for 6th class. You can create links to share with 6th class so they can design their own page. Normally I send out the profile sheet on Word and I create the yearbook myself. This year I felt it was important for my class to have more input so they will each design their own profile page and I can compile all the books into one Yearbook, you can save it as PDF to print it in school, but I am hoping to send it to local printers to create the yearbook for me.

The second Webinar was with Hibernia and was hosted through Blackrock Education Centre. It focused on End of Year Events such as Virtual Tours, Virtual Sports Day and Graduation. It had lots of lovely ideas for Virtual Tours which I hope to plan out today and create my own worksheets for Seesaw to recap on the tour. It also highlighted the amazing Epic – Irish Emigration Museum and the fantastic packs they have to share with the class. They are also hosting live workshops for your class so watch the website for more information.

The last Webinar was on Slideshow for end of year ceremony with Declan and West Cork Education Centre. Declan went through Animoto and how to create different videos for speeches from other teachers and also a slideshow of memories for 6th class. He showed us how to put it all together using Windows Photos to create longer video. It was great course with lots of ideas on a live graduation whether you share the video on YouTube with the option to Premier it at a specific time or to share it privately with a specific guest list. Declan also showed us how to get an educator account for Animoto which will remove the animoto logo and watermark from your videos. You can find out how to create your Educator account here.

So now I’m off to plan my virtual tour week for next week. Will add more details in another post.

Stay Safe Everyone.

Aistear Muinteoir


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