Diary of an Isolating Teacher Day 25

Hi everyone

I am back!!

June is always incredibly busy for me with 6th class but this year it was even more busy as everything was moved online. While it was sad to see my 6th class on their virtual graduation I am glad that the work we put into the virtual graduation paid off and we got to have some fun online for the last few weeks of school.

I am a member of the 6th Class Teacher Resource Swap on Facebook and there were so many ideas on it for end of year with 6th class. So we did a virtual water balloon fight and I even got involved. We also had a big zoom call with 5th and 6th and had our own Virtual Lip Sync  Battle. We usually have a Lip Sync Battle for an Assembly Performance but this year we moved it online and they had so much fun.

Our virtual graduation was an awards theme. The children recognised many moments from their time in the school in different categories and we created our own awards. Children made their own videos at home and introduced the awards with a little speech and I put it all together. I won’t lie it was a mammoth tasks and I was still getting videos the morning of the virtual graduation. But it worked out so well and each child in 6th was part of the virtual gradation. I also took inspiration from Sarah Webb and so many others online with my own version of Messages for 6th class. Families across the school were invited to make a poster and share photos of their families with their messages for 6th class. 5th class pupils recorded messages to wish them well as they had worked with them in the classroom over the last few years. I shared a different video daily on the blog. I also managed to get videos from the Taoiseach’s office, Fergal DArcy and Dermot from Dermot and Dave on TodayFM.

So, Aistear Muinteoir has been incredibly busy and it’s now time for a well earned rest. I have also made the decision to take a career break so lots of exciting times ahead. I will still continue to blog and share my ideas for my followers. I have lots of ideas for blog posts for planning and making resources for back to school. So watch this space. I also cleared out my classroom of my own resources so I have so many to share on Instagram too.

If you would like posts on a specific topic please let me know.

Now, I’m off to complete my challenge for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland, 100km in July! Wish me luck.

Stay Safe

Aistear Muinteoir


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