New Primary Language Curriculum Senior Classes

Hi everyone,

As the school year was curtailed and switched to Digital Learning the introduction of the new Primary Language Curriculum to my senior classes switched too. I focused on critical thinking and responding to books and videos as part of my Digital Learning.

Prior to school closures I had been working on the Primary Language Curriculum with my class. After our initial training day with the PDST facilitator I followed their suggestion of highlighting the learning outcome to the class. I focused on one specific learning outcome each month and added it to my flip chart. I asked the children what strategies we could use to build on the specific learning outcomes. When we focused on vocabulary they suggested using their personal dictionary notebooks more and revisiting the word a day. It was great to get the children engaged and involved in identifying how best to develop the learning outcome.

I was also fortunate to have an incidental visit from two inspectors the week before school closures, which also happened the day after our trip to ESB Science Blast. They reviewed their copies, refill pads and portfolio folders. They then chatted to the class about their English writing and the different genres we had covered. My class were able to explain each genre as they had a writing framework and rubric for each one in their portfolio They were very positive about my approach to English in my class and I was delighted with their feedback on the day.

I have developed my own yearly plan for senior classes in line with the new Primary Language Curriculum. It is organised monthly with specific learning outcome and activities to develop the learning outcome. While you could cover a number of learning outcomes each month, I chose to focus on one specifically and it would make it easier to assess the children and see what learning outcomes need to be developed in your class. My English long term plans are now discounted on my store.

If you have any questions on this post or my English Long Term Plan please send me a DM.

Aistear Múinteoir


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