Ready Set Go – Maths Packs

Hi everyone,

A few years ago I attended a course for using Ready Set Go in the infant classroom and it definitely changed my approach to teaching Maths. Ready Set Go is a hands on approach to teaching Maths and the children use a variety of everyday and Maths resources.

In my infant class I created Maths packs for each child and with the current situation on returning to school, the use of Maths packs would reduce the sharing of resources and materials for groups.

I had A4 folders, the plastic folders which allows them to be wiped clean if necessary. In each pack I had a set of printable resources, 2 sets of 10 cubes (Senior infants) in different colours, lollipop stick, a bag of random sorting materials (children can gather from home, I used different lids from milk cartons etc.) I also had different bags of maths resources – counting dinosaurs, fruit etc. Each child had their own bag in the folder so it reduced the need to share and distribute materials.

The children were able to take out the resources they needed from their Maths pack when they needed them in the classroom, you could wash the maths resources at the end of the week so you have the option to swap them around the classroom. I’ve seen lots of ideas to place these maths counters and resources in sock bags and put them through the dishwasher to ensure they are sanitised for the next child.

I have created my own set of printables which I used in the classroom to create a Maths pack for each child. It contains set card, digit cards, large five frame, large ten frame, smaller five frames and ten frames for the children to use. It is available in my store now and I have reduced it to €2 for this week. I will also reduce the Ready Set Go Yearly plan which details the maths activities each month, counting, sorting and story of number. All you need to plan and prepare for Ready Set Go Maths in September.

If you have any questions on Ready Set Go or this post please send me a DM.

Aistear Múinteoir


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