Problem Solving in Senior Classes

Problem Solving is becoming a key component of the Maths curriculum. Earlier in the year we had inservice from PDST which focused on problem solving strategies for all classes.

While we may all use the RUCSAC method in the class we must not focus on teaching specific strategies which will help the children to analyse ways to solve problems in Maths. These strategies can then be applied to other areas such as STEM.

During Distance Learning I decided to use the opportunity to focus on different strategies for Problem Solving. On Teams I sent out powerpoints to explain what each strategy was and when you might use it in Maths. I used the ebook from Gill Education Super Sleuth to set problems for the children to complete. On a Friday I then sent a problem from NRich for the children to solve. They shared their solutions on Seesaw and it was great to see how they could all see things differently and solve problems in different ways.

I have now reviewed my yearly plan for 5th & 6th to include a Problem Solving Strategy each month and I have added links to the different areas within the NRich site. You can choose one problem each week. I always teach maths with lots of visuals and it can be difficult to find the manipulatives you need or resources to use for some topics. I had started to use a variety of Virtual Manipulatives with my class, so I have included links to the Virtual Manipulatives for each month in my Yearly Scheme also.

As I am currently updating all my yearly plans, I am discounting them as I update them. If you bought these plans previously, please download the new plans as they are updated.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM

Aistear Muinteoir.


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