Planning for PE

Hi everyone,

As you know I am taking the time to update my own plans both for Infant Classes and Senior Classes to add more links and resources to help when planning for different topics.

Today, I want to focus on planning for PE. The new focus from the PDST is Physical Literacy and Fundamental Movement Skills and having completed the Summer Course a few years ago I have changed my own approach to teaching PE in the Senior Classes.

Fundamental Movement Skills are the key movement skills children will need to master for playing any game from tag to Gaelic football. On the PDST site there are videos of each skill which explains the skill and shows the different levels from Exploring stage, to Developing Stage and Mastering Stage. In my own class played the video for my class and made them aware of the specific skill and the components to master the skill before we left the classroom for PE. I think showing the children the video made them aware of their own body and what they may have been doing wrong. My PE lesson consisted of games to practice and develop the specific skill but within the context of the curriculum strand. When we returned to the class we revisited the video and what they will try next week.

In infant classes it was a slower approach and we focused on one element of the skill each week, usually beginning with the head and travelling down the body. In infant classes they could also work with a partner and remind their partner of the specific element of the skill each week. Again it is important to use fundamental movement skills as an element of your lesson and not to replace your own curricular lessons with a complete focus on these fundamental movement skills.

My new Long Term Plans reflect the Fundamental Movement Skills and Curricular topics. I have included links to the Specfic Skill other other links for lesson ideas and resources. Both my Infant Class Plan and 5th & 6th class plan reflect these updates. If you purchased them before you can download the new content on

If you have any questions, please send me a DM.

Aistear Muinteoir


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