Planning for Art

Hi everyone,

Another planning post for you today. Today I want to focus on planning for Art.

Over the last few years I have chosen to focus on an Artist a Month with my class. It has been a great way to introduce the children to different artists and different styles of Art.

From looking at primary colours with Mondrian to learning about Banksy, graffiti and making stencils we have explored so many different curricular strands. When I was planning on introducing an Artist a month I got a great book from Amazon – The Art Treasury from Usborne. It outlined different artists and then projects or activities that could be completed to link with the artists. It was an ideal starting point for me.

Since introducing it in my classroom, we have adopted this approach across the school and recently updated it to include more Artists. We work on a two year plan, and then the children will revisit the artist every second year. This approach has worked really well for my school. Some children in my class research the artist at the start of each month and make information cards so we can create a display for ourselves but you could create a display to represent the artist of the month with work from children across the school.

There are so many different approaches to teaching Art and I know the fabulous Ms Kellys on Instagram is also sharing an artist each week which could be used in your classroom. So it is worth checking out her Instagram page.

I have been updating all my long term plans to include links for activities and ideas to use in the classroom for each Artist. My 5th & 6th class plan is available now at a discounted rate, my infant plan will be updated over the next few days too, so watch out on my store.

If you have any questions on these Art plans please send me a DM.

Aistear Muinteoir


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