Planning for Music

Hi everyone,

I hope the planning is going well, I have been updating my yearly plans to add more supporting links for activities in the classroom. Today I was working on my yearly plan.

In Music, I plan to cover a different genre of Music each month, this allows the children to listen to and respond to a variety of genres, music artists etc. My class really enjoyed it and as we went through the year they could compare the genre we were focusing on with other genres we have covered.

Covering a genre a month allows you to explore the songs by Listening and Responding and Performing, but you could also add elements from the genre to your composing activities too. I have included some simple composing activities for you to try in your class. While the plan contains aims for 5th & 6th class it could be modified and use with other classes too. The links, songs and activities could be used with a variety of age groups.

In my updated yearly plan I have included a genre each month, links to Youtube videos for songs and activities to explore with your class. I even linked one song to a sign language performance which I tried with my class and they performed it for the school so check it out. If you have purchased the music plan before you can download the updated version at no extra cost. All plans will be reduced in my store to get everyone ready for back to school.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM

Aistear Muinteoir


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