Career Break Diary: I got the call!

Hi everyone,

So the 1st of September is creeping around and today I got the call for subbing this week. It has made me kick start my own subbing essentials and I will share them on my Insta story later today.

I have decided to have my own stationery, whiteboard markers etc so that I will not use the class teacher’s resources along with making my STEM Boxes to use in the class.

The school only starts back tomorrow too, so I am going to plan some nice settling in activities for them. I completed the course on Well Being on the return to school with Le Cheile Online Learning last week and it had lots of lovely activities and worksheets to use on the first days to get to know the children.

I am a big fan of the site and resources from  Big Life Journal and I hope to use their Back to School Pack with the class tomorrow. The Back to School Interview is a lovely worksheet for the children to identify their talents and also their hopes and worries for the school year ahead. An alternative to Big Life Journal is the lovely resources from ELSA Support and they have a lock down review that the children could complete. It focuses on positive aspects of lock down, something they achieved and what they are looking forward to. It will be an opportunity to get to know the class and their experiences in lock down.

I hope to complete some STEM activities with the class tomorrow. I have my own STEM bins and the resources are easily cleaned or can be left for 72 hours before being used again. These are inspired by Playful Classroom and Teach Outside the Box. Check these out on my Insta story later.

It’s an exciting time for everyone going back to school and this subbing journey is a new experience for me. I am looking forward to it.

Best of luck everyone,

Aistear Muinteoir


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