New PLC: Motivation and Choice

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having a great week. This week on Instagram I shared my new resource, a Reading Log which will link with the Motivation and Choice Learning Outcome of the new PLC.

The Learning Outcome outlines that children should be able to choose the text to read and respond to it. My new Reading Log has a reading record for the children to record the different books they have read along with different opportunities and suggestions to respond to what they have read.

Last year I used a Reading Record and printed them for each child and we used a copy to create their Reading Log. We skipped pages between each comprehension strategy to allow space for the children’s written responses. I hope to create a new Reading Log and share it on my Instagram story later. Check out my Reading Log on

My activities focus on different comprehension strategies. Children can choose to respond using a particular strategy and also to use the prompts on each page in their response. I set this as a homework task, but you could also use it in the classroom after DEAR time.

To encourage the children you could set a reading challenge for them each month. I recently came across this lovely site which has a reading challenge each month and you could edit it as needed for your class.

In Gaeilge, to encourage an element of choice, I created my own Balla Ceist for the pupils based on the theme each month. These were questions and feidhmeanna teanga that the pupils were familiar with. Each lesson began with a balla ceist activity. As we progressed with the Irish Homework site we used some of the strategies such as Cur Ceist, where the children created their own balla ceist and asked their peers question. Activities like these from Irish Homework were great to motivate the children and encouraged choice. Visit Irish Homework for more information on their flipped classroom approach for the learning outcome Motivation and Choice.

If you have any questions on this blog post, please send me a DM. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Aistear Muinteoir


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