Career Break Diary: Midterm

Hi everyone,

It was a long stretch to midterm this year, I have been so fortunate to have subbing almost every day for the last 5 weeks so I was really looking forward to turning my alarm off last night.

How has subbing been for my followers? I have been working in the same school for the last few weeks. It has been great and I got the opportunity to sub in a SET setting which I was looking forward to. My motto for this year has been Embrace the Change and I hope to continue this motto after the midterm for other subbing opportunities. I was never a person who liked change, however this year I am embracing it and all that it brings.

Subbing has also encouraged me to be super organised and review each payslip as it comes in. I have a diary to record the schools I am working in and their roll numbers and then check them as I get paid. I have been recording days worked too so that I know when I have reached my 40 days so that I can go back up to a subbing rate of my previous salary.

I have some plans for midterm, sorting out my own resources and books so that they are easier to manage for subbing. I hope to buy a storage system wih 3/4 drawers so that I can catalogue the resources per class groupings. Hopefully it will make it easier to be more organised for those last minute calls after the break.

I also have some training to do this week, one afternoon Zoom call with Science Foundation Ireland as a facilitator for their CPD workshops and another training session on Zoom with a third level college that I will be working with. Exciting times ahead for Aistear Muinteoir.

Finally, I hope to re-organise my STEM boxes, I have been watching stores like Tesco, Dealz and Euro Giant and hope to create a second set of STEM boxes to have ready for subbing. As I create them or buy resources I will keep you posted and share them on my Insta stories.

On Insta this week I am hoping to share my resources as I sort them. Lots of ideas for STEM and Science Week which is coming up in November. I hope to begin creating more science and stem resources to use during Science Week too. Watch this space.

For now though, I am going to enjoy the bank holiday Monday, all within my 5km limit. I do enjoy walks in the autumn time with all the colours. Stay Safe Everyone,

Aistear Muinteoir.


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