Getting your classroom ready – Senior Classes

So it’s almost that time, time to get your classroom set up for the new school year!

I am hoping to return to my classroom later this week and get it ready for reopening on the 30th August. Last year I moved into the Senior Classes so I put up different displays, this year I am hoping to use the displays as more of a working display and get the class involved where I can.

I am hoping to develop the creative writing in my class by expanding their vocabulary. I love these figurative language posters from The Teacher Next Door. I hope to add these to my display board and add blank cards/post-its so that the children can write out phrases and words from their own reading and match it to the figurative language. I also hope to use this Grammar bundle in the same way.

In Maths I have a RUCSAC display for problem solving, I also have other maths vocabulary displayed at the Maths area. I love using Brain Snack in the class and I add one card to my Maths display each week and the children can write down their answers on a sheet next to it. At the end of the week I explain the puzzle to them and then one child with the right answer will get a prize. This encourages critical thinking but not within a time constraint so everyone can have the chance to participate.

In Science I like to have the steps to an investigation displayed along with language that the children will be using. This can change from topic to topic. This year I am hoping to make my science area more interactive so that the children can work at the area for indoor breaks and if finished early.

For my Gaeilge board I am working on a resource for the pupils to encourage more oral work. I am trying to develop a Balla Ceist for each topic to encourage the pupils to engage more in oral work. These will also be displayed on my board along with other vocabulary, verbs and question word.

Once I have my displays ready I will add them to this post.

If you have any questions please send me an email or a PM.



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