Senior Classes: Novel Work

As you may know, having taught in infant classes for a number of years I am on the move to Senior Class in September. I will be sad to leave the infant classes but am looking forward to a new venture and a new challenge.

I am beginning my preparation for Senior Classes. While many of my blog posts will be on infants and Aistear, some of them will be on ideas for Senior Classes.

I have decided to do a book club with my class in September. I am hoping for two per term if we can arrange it. The class will be arranged into groups of similar ability and each group will be assigned a book by me. I have been watching out for nice novels and short stories that the different groups could use. There are lots of great value books on Scholastic. Each group will also be given pointers for their book club, focusing on characters, setting, visualisation and other elements from the Building Bridges Comprehension. I have also designed a Book Club Journal for the class that can be used for each book. It is available in my store.

At the end of the six weeks the class will be invited to bring in some home baking to enjoy while having their book club discussion. I am looking forward to introducing book clubs into my Senior Class, it is a completely new venture for me.

As they say ‘Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained’.


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