Getting ready for tomorrow – 5th & 6th Class

As many of you may know I will be moving to the Senior Classes this year.
So this post is all about my classroom set up in 5th and 6th class.


I have arranged my class into groups and each group has one of these frames. I got the frame in IKEA and printed commonly mispelled words for one side and a maths problem solving guide on the other. I downloaded both of these resources from


I finished my Gaeilge Display Board today, the banner I got on from Perfect for Primary. The question words in bubbles are from The verb question cards are from Realta Ranga on Teachers Pay Teachers. The months of the year and days of the week are both from Mr. Price.


I have different activities planned for tomorrow. After the initial discussion about classroom rules and settling in time, I have a Mé Féin activity that once completed can be displayed in the classroom. I got this on from Ms Fordes Classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers. I am introducing a character education activity this year. It is a totally new concept to me but I am hoping that both myself and the class will enjoy it and benefit from it. It explores one character trait per month and offers reflective exercises for the children and suggestion discussion prompts. I bought this from the Teacher Next Door on Teachers Pay Teachers.


I am also introducing SALF folders to my Senior Class. I have a Social Media About Me Template that they can fill in and put it at the front of their SALF folder.

Finally I have a Team building activity that the children can complete in their groups. I have a prize for the team that works well together, although that is a surprise for them tomorrow.


So I think I am all set, just an early night and we’re off to begin Term 1!

Best of luck to everyone going back to school over the next few days.


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