October Thematic Plan

As October draws ever close and with Halloween right around the corner it’s almost time for one of my favourite children’s books Room on the Broom.

Room on the broom is an ideal picture book for October and it can be integrated into an autumn theme across many curricular areas.

There are many activities for English for infants and even First Class for anyone in a multi-class setting.

As a classroom resource I love the interactive CD that comes with the picture book. You can find it on amazon here. The cd plays the story on the computer and there are also games you can play. It also contains the Room on the Broom Song which we learned in Music.

I created a story sack for Room on the Broom which was sent home with a different child each night. It contained the story book with audio cd, again from amazon, finger puppets and an art activity to create a wand. The children got to read the story at home with their parents and retell it with the finger puppets.

You could also incorporate Room on the Broom into your Aistear areas. Read my blog post on Room on the Broom here.

My thematic plan for October which includes suggested activities for discrete lessons along with links for resources and activity ideas is now available on Mash.ie




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