Halloween Lesson Ideas

Hi everyone, we are almost at midterm. Apologies for lack of posts but I am just back to work after a recent injury.

I thought I would compile a list of lesson ideas to link with a Halloween theme. These ideas could be adapted and used across all the classes.


Big Book: Room on the Broom. I love this story book and there are lots of opportunities to link with rhyming, phonics and writing activities.

In procedure writing you could compile a book of different recipes for witches.

If you are covering Narrative Writing you could give the class a story starter and ask them to finish the story. You might like some ideas from this site.


Many schemes include a section on Oíche Shamhna. Twinkl also have some lovely printable activities and resources too.


Within the Feasts and Festivals Strand you could explore the meaning of Halloween and learn about some traditional games and activities. Invite the children to ask an older relative about their experience of Halloween as a child.


Look at Halloween traditions across the world.


Making slime is also a popular experiment at Halloween. I also like the Spooky Chromatography lessons from Scien-tastic. Find out more on her site here.


I also like to focus on fire safety at this stage of the year as the children will be out and about and may be near bonfires. I like the Be Safe Resources for ideas for lessons on fire safety. This was available from Mary I in Limerick. Four younger classes check out these Fireman Sam resources here.


There are lots of ideas for Art ideas with a spooky Halloween theme. If you wanted to link with an artist look at The Scream by Edward Munch. This is more suitable for Senior Classes and can be explored using a variety of media such as paint and pastels.

Music and Dance:

There are lots of songs to link Music and Dance for Halloween, for younger classes you might like the Monster Mash. There are other videos on YouTube from Just Dance that link with this song. A song I hope to cover with my class is Thriller. I found a nice dance routine to link with the song here.

I hope these ideas help you to plan a spooktacular week with your class.



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