10 things to let go in the New Year

Having read lots of articles of well being and positivity such as those by Tiny Buddha and The Purpose Fairy I decided to make my own list for teachers.

  1. Let go of the fear of failure

Sometimes you just have to let go and try new things. I try and choose new projects/resources/approaches each year. Too often we are afraid to try something new as it is always safer to go with what you know best! But this year, come out of your comfort zone and try something new in your class.

2. Let go of being serious

Sometimes we take our role in the classroom way too seriously!!! Take some time out and play a silly game with your class. Try laughter yoga! This will also show the class that you can have fun while learning too.

3. Let go of the need to be right

You can’t always be right! For this I am taking inspiration from the book Wonder! If you have a choice between being right and being kind, choose being kind! I am going to use #choosekind in my class throughout 2018!

4. Let go of the past

Term 1 is over and we cannot go back and change it! Begin Term 2 with a clean slate and move forward with your class.

5. Let go of the need to impress others

Your class is your class and you are only responsible for them. Don’t worry what other classes are doing.

6. Let go of Negativity

Negative self-talk can have a significant impact on your own self-confidence, instead on focusing on what went wrong, focus on what to do next. Try not to focus on the limits and barriers you may face, work around them.

7. Let go of taking things personally

I am so guilty of taking things personally whether it is criticism and negativity from parents or even from colleagues. My New Year’s Resolution is to try not to take them personally. Too often we can get upset over others’ views and this can impact on our thinking and self-confidence. Try and rise above them!

8. Let go of Procrastinating

I will change the display tomorrow! I will correct those copies tomorrow!
Too often I mutter this to myself at the end of the day. Try not to procrastinate so that you do not have things hanging over you. Plan your week and allow time to get all the little jobs done.

9. Let go of criticism

Give up criticism whether it is self-criticism or criticism of others, it is not helpful to anyone especially yourself. Build on the positive aspects of your day instead.

10. Let go of spending endless hours on school prep!

Take time for yourself, shut down the computer, log off pinterest and focus on yourself. Choose a new hobby or pastime that is not related to school and use your free time for yourself.

Always remember #choosekind (Wonder, RJ Palacio) and Let it Go (Frozen, Disney)!



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