Reading Fluency Update

Hi everyone,

I had an earlier blog post with my plans for literacy with my Senior Classes in Term 2. My focus was on reading fluency, and here is a short update on how it is going so far.

Pre Testing

The Schonell Reading along with Standardised Test results helped me to arrange the class into three ability groupings. I also mixed across the classes so it can benefit both my weaker students and my high achieving students. This worked really well for me, as I took time to work with each group in the class. I also had some team teaching time which focused on a group per week.

Reading Fluency

I have been using a number of strategies to help develop their reading fluency. One of the popular topics was Peer Assessment of Fluency. I made a bookmark for each child with reminders for fluency. Pace, Expression, Accuracy and Smoothness.

The children have really enjoyed this, they have been working on the Comprehension cards. I have two sets so the class can work in pairs and both children have a card to focus on when reading. They take turns to read and then they give each other feedback using the PEAS bookmark. The class are really responding to it and some children take the time to give constructive feedback to their peers. They then get the opportunity to complete the activities with their partner. When I asked the children about this activity I got really positive feedback, some children noted how it was easier to work through the questions as they had read the comprehension card twice.

The children have also got a set piece of homework to read aloud each night to build on their fluency and also develop a home school link.

This term we have changed focus and are using the Word Reading and Comprehension books from Prim-Ed. There is a detailed post to follow, but I am a big fan of these books. It incorporates reading different genres of text, work on language, comprehension and phonics. It is a great book at this stage of the year to focus on and review skills we have learned throughout the year.


In term 2 I wanted to focus on specific comprehension skills and I used reading a-z as a guide. We focused on cause and effect, summarising, character traits and inferring skills. To build on this we are working in groups with our class anthology. We take one extract/story per week and read it as a group, then each group is given one of the above tasks to complete together. I have downloaded prompts from Reading A-Z should the class need them. They are really enjoying this activity while continuing to develop their comprehension skills.

If you have any questions on the above post please send me a PM.



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