Getting organised

It’s so hard to believe that the holidays are coming to an end.

If you follow me on instagram you will know that I went into school last week to organise my classroom and I was hoping to take this week off. I have spent this week at home but have also spent some time shopping and organising some things for when school reopens.

Recently a poem ‘Cause i aint got a pencil’ started popping up on instagram and facebook and it made me think of my own classroom. So with the help of my nephews and nieces I have started to make my classroom caddies useful for all my students. I will add the basics of pencils, pens sharpeners etc along with other resources they might need during the day.









Taking inspiration from a teacher on instagram I am also going to create a VIP classroom caddy for the group that has earned the most points during the day. They will have all the cute, fluffy and unicorn stationery to use during the day. I hope this will encourage my groups to be nice and tidy and ready for work. What do you think? My little helpers are back tomorrow so I will add photos when they are finished.

Following on from my summer course I also invested in this!



I really enjoyed my Summer Course on using iPads in the Primary Classroom. And I am hoping to make use of the iPad a little more in my classroom next year.

This video explores the use of a green screen during Art. I try and cover an Artist each month and I want to try explore the artist further using the green screen and DoInk App.

My little helpers are very excited to work on this tomorrow with me and I’ll update our progress (if we have some!!)

As reality is calling I am also working on a new literacy scheme to try and incorporate the new language curriculum. I recently purchased two sets of the Read Write Perform from ICT with Mr. P and they look amazing, it explores the text through oral and reading activities, deconstructing it to write your own and finally to publish and perform the piece using forms of ICT. I purchased The Villainous Speech and The Dual Narrative pack. I am also considering the Sports Manager Pack to encourage my sports mad students. Further information on these packs can be found here. 

Better get back to my planning, enjoy what’s left of the holidays everyone!





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