Artist of the Month: Banksy

In my school we focus on a different Artist each month. These artists range from traditional artists to contemporary artists, they also represent a variety of art genres.

A popular contemporary artist we covered in my class this year is Banksy. This followed the highly publicised auction where the famous piece Balloon Girl shredded within the frame moments after it was purchased.

Through Banksy you can explore graffiti art but also creating your own stencils and print making. This powerpoint from Twinkl is a great resource to introduce the artist to your class.

In the class we discussed items we could make stencils from to use for graffiti art. The class then planned a large display and worked together to make their own stencils using paper plates. As a group they then created the large display with a Winter theme.

The class then decided on the ideal place to display their art in the school and worked like graffiti artists to put up their art display in secret. They also decided to make their own stencil to tag their work.

The class also created their own A3 pieces with their stencils to keep in their Art portfolio.

The artist Banksy provides opportunities to explore the print making strand of the curriculum in a contemporary genre.



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