Back to School

Hi everyone,

Can you believe it’s October already.

Apologies for the lack of blog posts but back to school has been an extremely busy time for me this year. But i’m back with my Senior Classes and I am enjoying working with them again this year.

My blog posts this year will focus on a mixture of infants posts and posts for Senior classes. I have also been gifted a variety of resources from Prim Ed Publishing which I hope to share here and on Instagram.

My new focus this year was on the New Primary Language Curriculum for Senior Classes and I have developed my own long term plan for the year with month by month topics for Grammar, reading and writing genres, spelling etc. These are all on I have also been updating my own yearly plans to include links to online resources and materials to support the topics. These will be added to the planning bundles on so if you have purchased a set already I will let you know as they are added and you can download new content.

Now to plan for Space Week and Maths Week, then a Halloween theme!

If you have any questions please send me an email.



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