Parents and Distance Learning Day 6

Hi everyone,

As this current situation continues, parents are becoming overwhelmed while trying to support their children’s learning at home. As a teacher trying to support my class during Distance Learning I am so aware of the pressures of families at this time.

Parents are working from home, or in some cases are not working due to the current crisis, some parents are front line workers and are under enormous pressure with the current situation and distance learning may not working for some families.

Parents are the primary educator of their child from an early age you are playing with them and teaching them skills. However it is hard to recreate the learning environment at school in your own home. While I have tried to set some academic work for the class each day I am also sending suggestions for family challenges, art projects, STEM ideas to try at home. These are all suggestions for families, trying to get siblings to work together where possible to reduce the stress on parents.

The essential and predicted restricted movements that were introduced at the weekend have also added more pressure to families, children are missing their grandparents, their extended families and friends. It can be hard for children to understand the every changing world we are in, as adults it’s often overwhelming for us to understand too.

It is important to be aware of the supports that are available for parents at this time.

Barnardosare offering a support line for parents, more information can be found on their site. They also have resources for parents when speaking to your child about Covid-19.

ISPCC also have a dedicated page with supports for parents and children at this time. Ideas such as getting creative, getting active and discussing their worries and anxieties at home. The ISPCC are also recommending the Scared Kids Programme from Anokha Learning and David Coleman. This course has different skills and techniques in order to support a child or any person with anxiety. At this time, it is so important for us all to have an awareness of anxiety and how best to support others, as well as ourselves.

At this time, it is important to focus on your family unit and what suits you best. Try not to compare your family unit to others. Everyone is in the same boat and feeling overwhelmed but we respond to it in different ways. So do what suits you and your family best.

Stay Safe Everyone,

Aistear Muinteoir


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