Remote Learning: Seesaw Activities

Hi everyone,

Another post of remote learning today, using Seesaw with your class.

As part of the Digital Learning Plan in my school, we focused on Self Assessment in Literacy, our aim was to record reading once a month and then photograph handwriting once a month and encourage the children to reflect on progress. During Distance Learning I wanted to use Seesaw as an independent portfolio of their work.

Initially we continued with recording reading aloud, but we recorded it twice a week. The children took a photo of their novel and recorded 30-40 seconds of themselves reading aloud.

In Maths, I also saw an opportunity for problem solving and showing their thinking. When they had a problems page in Figure it Out, on Seesaw they had to take a photo of their work, but they also had to narrate how to do two of the problems on the page. It really worked well to see their independent thinking and also for the children themselves to discuss how they solved it. Rather than just getting the answer.

I also Seesaw to correct work and engage with pupils during Remote Learning in March. While I began initially with the different activities available from the Seesaw community, I then began to create my own. I also became a Seesaw Ambassador so if you have any questions about Seesaw please ask.

Here are some of the activities I used with my class.

I got sets of these from Little Miss Teacher Blog and they were a fun activity during the week. It is a visual literacy challenge and it was great to see the creativity from the students. Children could use the drawing tools to complete the picture. I was not as familiar with the shortcuts for writing instructions for my class though.

As the school closures went on last year I wanted to check in with my pupils and found this lovely 5 for Friday Reflections as one of the activities on Seesaw community. Most of my class completed it and only the pupil and I could see their responses. I found this was a good way to check in both academically and emotionally for some pupils as they found lockdown very tough. It also encouraged the pupils to be grateful and reflect positively on their week.

I also created a Kindness Challenge for my class inspired by Big Life Journal for Kids, I shared the website with parents as they have lots of lovely free downloads along with resources to buy online. We had a kindness week and I created a Kindness Journal for my class. I created this on Seesaw at the beginning of my Seesaw journey, but it worked.

This was another activity from the Amazing Seesaw Community and I shared these posts with other children in the class. I was to encourage reading during our Book Week.

I took inspiration from Irish Primary Teacher for this next activity, Real Life Shopping. Using the Snipping Tool (this has been a life changer, thanks to whoever recommended it) I was able to take screen grabs from Tesco online for price comparison. Children could narrate the slides with how they worked it out.

Lastly, I bought a set of these Tasks Cards on Teachers Pay Teachers from Teach Outside the Box, they were excellent STEM activities that the children could complete at home. They watched the video, then recorded their work on the activity slide. The children could narrate their work or type it into the slide.

If you have any questions about any of these activities or anything about Seesaw please let me know.

Stay Safe

Aistear Múinteoir


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