Easy learn Froggy Match-it

I am a big fan of the books from Easy Learn particularly for the Infant Classes. EasyLearn contacted me to review their new app Froggy Match-it.

Over the past few weeks we have been using Froggy Match-it in different classes. The app is available to purchase for both Android and iPhone/iPad devices.

We have access to an iPad in my school. As you can see from the picture below you can have up to 5 profiles on the app. So 5 children can work on the app and it will store their progress and information.


Beginning with an into level. Level 1 then begins with CVC words. It has word picture matching,a spelling game where you drag the letters into place and a spelling game where you must input the letters yourself.

Level 2 has similar games and also includes consonant blends.




At every level there are downloadable worksheets also. This is great to reinforce the level you have been working on. Similarly the child’s score is recorded at the end of the level and they are given the option to play the game again to get a better score. This is ideal for some children who benefit from re-learning and over-learning phonics and sight words.

As the levels increase the tasks become increasingly difficult. Higher levels include word and sentence structure.


The children who worked on this app thoroughly enjoyed it. Similarly the teachers who worked on the app with children in their class were very impressed with the structure of each level and how it can store information for up to 5 children.

It is an ideal app for anyone working in a Learning Support Session as you have the freedom for 5 children to work at their level with the additional bonus on downloading specific worksheets for homework or for use in class with their teacher.

Within the class setting the children could use this app during station teaching or independent work if supervised by teacher or SNA where possible.

For parents this app is great to encourage the children to blend and spell along with focusing on reading and sentences in the upper levels.

I particularly like the images in this app. They are very clear and precise, similar to the Easy Learn books. It is clear what item you are expected to blend and spell.

Overall I really like the Froggy Match-it App. It is a great addition to the resources in Learning Support and at a cost of €4.99 which allows up to 5 children create profiles it is very reasonably priced. I like the option to download the worksheets also to reinforce learning.

If you are looking for new apps to boost literacy support in your school I would definitely recommend Froggy Match-it.

If you would like any further information on Froggy Match-it please send me a PM.

*All images from Easy Learn



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