February Thematic Plan

Sorry this months thematic plan is a little late. If you are following my Aistear Termly Plan then your topic is the Garden Centre.

I like to use the story Oliver’s Vegetables for this topic. It introduces the children to lots of different vegetables and how Oliver is encouraged to eat them while visiting his grandparents.

Within my Aistear areas we discovered the Garden Centre topic.

The role play area was a difficult one to get enough resources, however my latest addition to this area was artificial flowers. I purchased some articfical flowers in different euro shops and discount shops. These really added to the role play area. Parents offered some children’s garden tools and I added some myself. Finally I had a little market stand that I had purchased a few years ago.

Within small world, the children had different farm vehicles and small construction blocks to build their garden centre and gather crops.

Within construction the children built their own garden centre.

I changed the sand area completely. I replaced the sand with compost and the children began planting a variety of seeds for vegetables and bulbs for flowers. I bought special pots that could be planted straight into the school garden when the weather improved.

Finally in Art we were a little adventurous and we explored printing. We used lots of different vegetables and the children created lots of different pictures. They really enjoyed this activity.

The art table could also be used to make flowers for Valentines Day and Mothers Day if planning ahead.

Hope you enjoy this topic. While the compost area can be a little messy the children really do benefit from it. The thematic plan is available in my Mash.ie store now.

Any questions, drop me a P.M.



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