Parents and Distance Learning Day 5

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all making the most of the wonderful sunshine today.

Today I wanted to focus on supports and resources for parents during this time of Distance Learning. All of the companies that publish school books have come out with different supports at this time and they are suitable for children from infants right up to Secondary School.

CJ Fallon publishes many text books for in school use. They have made their ebook platform open for everyone to use. Click here to access their ebooks. CJ Fallon also have a new phonics programme Sounds Like Phonicsfor junior classes from the amazing Little Miss teacher Blog and their online resources are all available on CJ Fallon. This provides an ideal opportunity to revise letter sounds and phonics with the variety of online activities.

Prim Ed also have created packs for parents to help them with their children’s learning at home. Click on this link to visit their Parent Information Centre and register your interest. The activities include literacy, maths and home projects to build on the family challenges from yesterdays post.

Folens have also opened up their online access for parents and teachers to register. They will then have access to the many programmes from Folens such as their new SESE Programme Explorers. Explorers also has videos and digital activities for you to use at home. Visit Folens Online and click teacher to register, use Prim20 as the roll number. Folens Starlight Oral Language programme is also available on their website, providing posters for different levels and prompts for questions and poetry to link with the topic also. I am using Starlight at the moment and my class love it, so it’s great to be able to link in with the children at home.

The Educational Company of Ireland EdCo have also opened up their ebooks for all parents, teachers and students. Click here to access login details. EdCo have their own Explore With Me SESE programme for junior classes, access ebooks for Beal Beo where you can listen to the audio tracks for the different stories. EdCo  also have an amazing Irish programme for Junior Infants to 4th class. You can now download the programme to use at home (download on a PC only as it is a large file and won’t work on tablets or phones) Click here to access the files and use trial as your username and password. have also opened up their ebook access for parents. Click here and access their collection of text books. I used Just Grammar with my class everyday and highly recommend it.

Finally Gill Education have also opened up their access to their new language programme Over the Moon is now available for Junior Infants right up to 6th Class. Within the Junior Infants Over the Moon programme you can access all the ebooks and they have audio files too. I think it is a fantastic programme which represents the new language curriculum. Check out their Cracking Maths programme too, I am hoping to adopt these problem solving approaches with my class.

Click the link to explore the resources they have.

I will update any sites or add more information as I receive it.

If you have any questions, send me a DM

Stay Safe everyone

Aistear Muinteoir


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